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A Belly Laugh for pregnant tummies

They say, "you can't be a little bit pregnant". But why not? As this free online pregnancy test shows, we're all (male and female) always a little bit pregnant. So answer these questions truthfully, and find out


A Belly Laugh for pregnant tummies

TeeHee funny tees on many topics

1. You think your partner is

a) the best thing that ever happened to you

b) the worst thing that ever happened to you

c) both, in the space of a single afternoon

2. You can smell pickles from

a) across the table

b) across the room

c) across town

3. Your hormone levels change

a) never

b) monthly

c) like traffic lights

4. When commercials featuring babies come on you

a) change channels

b) yawn

c) go all dewy-eyed

5. Your friends with babies are

a) boring

b) nice, but not worth enduring their children for

c) going to get a phone call from you very soon

6. Lately you cry at

a) natural disasters

b) sad movies

c) the drop of a hat

7. You need to go to the toilet

a) seldom

b) every few hours

c) I'll answer in a moment ­ nature calls

8. A 'period' is

a) a full stop

b) a length of time

c) well overdue

9. The most attention-grabbing sound is

a) the telephone ringing

b) a fire alarm

c) a baby crying

10. You tend to forget things

a) occasionally

b) daily

c) what was the question?

11. Morning sickness is

a) all in the mind

b) someone else's problem

c) the number one health problem facing the nation

12. In department stores you want to look at

a) clothes for you

b) the sexy sales assistant

c) baby clothes

13. Commitment is

a) the 'c' word

b) a long way down the track

c) this is no time to start questioning our commitment!

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Disclaimer: This free online pregnancy test is meant purely for fun and is not a genuine test of whether you are pregnant or not. For a more reliable pregnancy test click here. If you are even the slightest bit pregnant, to get a belly laugh from our designs for pregnant tummies click here.

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